3d christmas tree led

M5 ORANGE 70 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS 190.00 260.00 145.00 185.00 M5 RED 100 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS. M5 RED 70 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS M5 PINK 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS 260.00 145.00 185.00 170.00 M5 PURPLE 100 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS M5 PURPLE 50 COUNT LED. Obrazek 15 After you fold first 12 twigs, turn the tree to the other side and do the same with remaining 12 twigs. 4 Turn the paper, fold it evenly and thoroughly in half, as shown. Obrazek 9 Open the first triangle and press its edge to the inside, do the same thing with the remaining three triangles. Spread out all of the branches evenly and use your 3D Paper Christmas Tree as a perfect Christmas or bedside table decoration. C6 YELLOW 100 LED LIGHT STRINGS 340.00 285.00 315.00 285.00 C6 GREEN 100 LED LIGHT STRINGS. Obrazek 8 When it begins to looks like a little kite, cut the lower portion off! Just remember to use a square as a base to each tree! Show us the results of your work on our website. Home » DIY Crafts Turn piece of paper into this adorable decoration! M5 WARM WHITE 70 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS 210.00 300.00 165.00 210.00 M5 WARM WHITE 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS (W/WHITE WIRE ) M5 CHAMPAGNE 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRING. M5 ORANGE 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS. M5 MULTI (R,G,B,Y,O) 100 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS M5 MULTI (R,G,B,Y,O) 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS 160.00 165.00 265.00 145.00 M5 MULTI (R,G,B,Y,O) 70 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS M5 ORANGE. Obrazek 7 Now bend two triangles to the inside as shown, and then repeat on the other side. Obrazek 12 Carefully cut through all 4 triangles, making sure not to cut through the center folding line! Obrazek 18 You are probably wondering if you can make the same tree but in a smaller or bigger size!? M5 WARM WHITE 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS. Obrazek 19 We hope that our instructions led you to complete your Christmas tree or even a couple of them. 5 This is how our square should look! It will also look beautiful hanging by the window or on a real tree. Grab the upper right corner and fold along the line as shown. Obrazek 11 Note the three cutting lines! M5 PURE WHITE 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS 300.00 295.00 300.00 165.00 M5 PURE WHITE 70 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS. The harder you press the paper, the easier it will be to complete your tree. 2 Fold it diagonally to make another bending line. C6 PURE WHITE 100 LED LIGHT STRINGS 285.00 285.00 185.00 315.00 C6 PURPLE 100 LED LIGHT STRINGS. Do it on both sides of a tree. At this stage, you should be able to count four triangles on one side and four on the other. M5 RED 50 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS. Obrazek 13 Now fold the 24 twigs! They are 1 cm / 1/2 long, and the space between them is about 2 cm/ 3/4. 6 Grab the two opposite corners, pull them together, making it flat at the same time. Obrazek 14 Lets do it exactly as the lines show, starting from the right triangle, turning them all like book pages. M5 WARM WHITE 100 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS. Dont forget to give us a thumbs up under the video and subscribe to our channel for more awesome crafts! 1 Youll need: A piece of A4/US Letter paper and scissors. Use a pencil and a ruler to draw lines for you to trace if you prefer. M5 PURE WHITE 100 COUNT LED LIGHT STRINGS. C6 WARM WHITE 100 LED LIGHT STRINGS. 13.00 5.91 BL - 59JH 2460mAh Li-ion Battery Fitting 9.04 5.32 BL - T9 2300mAh Li-ion Battery Fitting With Repair. 41.06 35.99 Original Wotofo Multi-functional Screwdriver 2.75 1.62 Pointed PTFE Ceramic Tweezers for E Cigarette Atom. Adopts the double injection molding process, with soft part on the top and hard on the bottom. Also great Buy from Amazon 88 from Amazon. And Netgear is not the only router manufacturer guilty of itthey all do it. Broken Over One Month And Within One Year. Cenovo Mini PC 2 TV Box Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core HD 64bit Windows 10 H.265 WiFi BT4.0. Mini PC 2 Type: TV Box GPU: Intel HD Graphic System: Windows 10.