Asus zenbook ux410 notebook

Asus UX303 series, with Core U i7 processors and Nvidia 840M and later 940M graphics. When it comes to the memory, the UX310UA can take up to 20 or 24 GB of RAM. The base Zenbook UX310UA model gets a Core i3 Skylake processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 128 GB SSD and a 1920 x 1080 px matte screen. According to the sources ZenBook UX410 has a display with bezels of 6mm in measurement. This product is worth waiting for according to the specification on the company's site. There are two USB 2.0 slots, one USB 3.0 slot and one USB 3.1 Type-C port, plus a full-size HDMI slot, an SD card-reader and a mic/headphone plug, and the. The Zenbook UX310 offers a potent dedicated Nvidia graphics chip in a 13-inch form factor These aside, there are a few other aspects to discuss here. Mid level configs get Core i5 processors and more storage space, while the top end models get the Core i7 processor, up to 24 GB of RAM and the 3200. Back to the UX306, lets start with the design. The only differentiating factor between the two is its graph. This aside, the speakers are now placed on the belly, towards the front-side. Details are even more confusing when it comes to storage, as the specs suggest that the laptop comes with both a 2.5-inch storage bay and an M.2 slot that would. Video Intel HD 520 Nvidia GT 940MX (on the UX310UQ model) Memory up to 24 GB DDR4 (up to 8 GB soldered 1 slot) Storage 2.5 storage bay and M.2. The availability of the game changer laptop would be in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processor options having 8GB of RAM, 1TB of hard drive and 512GB of. Asus Zenbook UX310UA / UX310UQ / UX310UV specs official page Screen 13.3-inch, 1920 x 1080 px TN or 3200 x 1800 px IPS ? The trackpad is larger though, taller, and the palm-rest area is taller as well, as the keyboard is positioned a little higher on the frame and thus leaves more spare. The Zenbook UX310UQ also gets the Nvidia 940MX graphics on top of all these. From the looks of it, the keyboard doesnt seem much different from the previous Zenbooks and gets the same 1.6 mm drop. Asus Zenbook UX310UA, UX310UQ and UX310UV 13-inchers. Further the laptop can be classified into ZenBook UX410 UA and ZenBook UX410 UQ. And better yet buy from a store that accepts returns. Yet, the availability of the laptop is still not disclosed. When it was compared to DELL 's XPS 13 it has 5.2mm bezels. The lid cover, interior and edges are still metallic, available in a few different colors, with the bottom being made from plastic. The specifications of the display which are mentioned to be as 14-inch (display 1920 x 1080 pixel matte display. But it differs in the location of the webcam which is placed above the display, whereas in DELL 's XPS 13 it is located below the display. The former version is expected to perform only marginally better then the Nvidia 940M chip, but the DDR5 version should offer 15-25 increased performance in games and other demanding graphics. Kaby Lake is Intel's 7th generation core processor which has been included in multiple laptops previously. The USB 3.1 and the HDMI connectors are on the left side, which leads to a less-cluttered right edge. All together make up for a decent update, at least until Kabylake processors or an Nvidia 1030 mobile graphics option will be unveiled. Follow this link for more details on the Zenbook UX310UA, including up-to-date configurations and prices, and this one for details on the Zenbook UX310UQ series. We havent seen brand new Zenbooks for a while now, as the latest models Asus offers in stores at the time of this post are mostly updates of their Broadwell. Update: As a few of you mentioned in the comments section, looks like the basic configurations only get a FHD TN panel. The aesthetic lines and choice in materials hasnt changed much either. The Zenbook UX310UQ steps in as a successor of those popular models and offers a Core i7 Skylake U processor, support for DDR4 RAM and M.2 storage, but also an. The hood gets the rippled pattern characteristic to Zenbooks and the Asus logo in the middle. If you dont want the dedicated graphics though, the Zenbook UX310UA steps in as a follow-up for the UX303UA models. Non-touch, matte Processor Intel Skylake Core i3-6100U, Core i5-6200U, Core i7-6500U CPUs. Asus are however working on updated series of ultraportables for the second part of 2016 and first part of 2017, starting with the sleek Zenbook 3, a close match for. I dont have any details on the prices or the availability of these machines for the time being, but I expect them to start below 1000 and ship around October. To wrap this up, from what we know so far the UX310 will be available in multiple configurations, with prices starting at around 699 (EUR700). For the last couple of years, those looking for a compact notebook with dedicated graphics usually had to turn towards the. Update3: Reports in the comments mention the GDDR 3 version of the Nvidia 940MX chip is used on the UX310UQ. It's very fascinating to note that ASUS is putting CPU in the new ZenBook UX410. I cannot tell for sure whether IPS options are also available for any of the UX310 models, and while some stores (including Asuss official one) might advertise IPS panels, chances. Transformer Flip TP300 lines, the Zenbook UX310, a 13-incher with dedicated graphics, the Zenbook UX306, an improved follow-up of the UX305UA, or the Zenbook UX510, a portable and accessible 15-inch.