Carbonized bamboo knitting needles

The "grip" of this type of needle helps you to slow down your knitting and be more precise with your stitches. Hardness Carbonized bamboo needles are more resistant to splitting than natural bamboo needles, but the carbonization process also softens the wood slightly, which can cause the points to dull more. Carbonized needles are also less likely to crack and splinter, which keeps them from messing up yarn or stitches during knitting. The carbonization progress makes carbonized bamboo a bit heavier than natural bamboo, which is something to consider if an extremely lightweight set of needles is a necessity for your knitting. Standard bamboo and carbonized bamboo have minor differences that may affect the type you choose to purchase, so evaluate their different features when making a decision about your knitting needles. Texture Bamboo has a slightly rougher texture than slick, metal needles, making them ideal for more detailed knitting, as the stitches are less likely to slip off of the needle. Circular Knitting Needles: Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles - Are They Really Good Quality? The Craft Barn: How to Choose The Best Knitting Needles. By Linda Becksterhed Many knitters prefer bamboo knitting needles over metal or plastic models. Carbonized bamboo takes on a darker color during the carbonization process, which also continues to darken over time. This softness causes the carbonized needles to be a bit more flexible than standard bamboo needles, which can be useful when working with tight stitches like those in sock knitting. Natural bamboo needles have a light blonde color that gains a gradual patina with use over time. Weight All bamboo needles are lighter than metal needles, making them less strenuous to work with for long periods of time. Carbonized needles are a bit smoother, so they do not catch the yarn as easily. Resources Circular Knitting Needles Aliveg: Carbonized Bamboo Douple Point Needles. Both types of bamboo are a lighter hue than other types of wood used to make knitting needles. References I Want to Read About: Carbonized Bamboo Knitting Needles. Another notable effect of the darkened color of carbonized bamboo is that it adds an antibacterial element to the wood, preventing the development of mildew. Bamboo Knitting Needles Carbonized Bamboo Knitting Needles 7 Bamboo Knitting Needles. 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