Cheerson sanlianhuan cx 91b

Ensure item(s) arrive to you in safety. Keep the operating temperature range in mind before attempting to fly in extreme conditions. At 280, the Jumper CX-91 is priced slightly above average for a drone. Commercial Drone Licenses by State Source: Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College. If an item is missing we will ask you to pay for them. If you dislike the item for any reason, you can contact us within 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment (Brazil and Russia are 40 days after shipment). Minimum Operating Temperature -10C Maximum Operating Temperature 40C How and Where Can it Operate? We will be in charge of all of the return shipping fees. Applications Film Photography Racing Recreation/Hobby Slightly Expensive Quadcopter. 3 Days Dislike Toys and Hobbies Products. Drone Buying Guide Search All Drones Weight. Artificial factors such as dis-assembly, misuse, drops, crashes or falls, water damage, unofficial firmware or software modifications or any others causes of damage are not covered. You need to pay the full cost of shipping the item back to us and the original shipping paid to send the item to you. Return Policy DOA (Toys and Hobbies Products Defective On Arrival) If the product arrived broken please contact us within 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment (Brazil and. We will cover the cost of the postage fee you pay to return the item to us. Body Material Carbon Fiber Rotor Material Carbon Fiber. Broken After 3 Days If the item is faulty after 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment (Brazil and Russia are 40 days after shipment we will not. Motor Type Brushless Available Colors Black LED Lights. Because these items are high-value, we may ask you to send back the defective item. If you have have difficulties in sending the item back, such as a high shipping fee, your country forbids sending batteries out or other problems, you are very welcome to. Compared to the average controllable range of 100 meters, you can control the Jumper CX-91 from 200 meters (656 feet) further away. Dimensions 240 x 250 x 80 mm. We will only provide advisory services to help you solve the problem. The Cheerson Jumper CX-91 can fly in ambient temperatures ranging from -10C to 40C, or from 14F to 104F. It is commonly used for film photography, racing, and recreation/hobby, but in the end, what you use it for is up to you.