Chuwi hi8 vi8

Full windows on a tiny lil thing like that for 70 bucks seemed to good to pass up. Nexus 7 2012 " Ebay 45 90 Newegg "Still a damn nice Tablet". All I'll be using it for is surfing the web and watching youtube and other media file while lying in bed or on the couch and occasionally taking it outside. Piss poor Batteries they tend to go out in a year. Better would be to save your money and buy a much better tablet when you can afford one. The chinese ones have better specs but theyre chinese so im not sure of build quality. Yoga Tablet 2 160 m 0 l delaro said: ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX-A1-RD 99. Mediocre Screen, fast enough to get things done, Okay sound, Okay Battery Life nothing Stellar but the Build qualities and Stability is about the same. Yoga Tablet 2 160 I almost bought a yoga 2 before ordering the hp but then just couldn't bring myself to spend more than a 100 bucks on a tablet. If your referring to the HP 8 G2 Tablet it will give you the same experience as a Galaxy Tab 3 "2013". Only reason Im asking here is that I saw the chinese tablets were around the same price (20) but with 2gb of ram (The hi8 also has 1200p screen) and. Poor Speaker Placement or just one Speaker that has a Very low Volume. Last response: in Windows Tablets Which of these sub 100 tablets would you recommend? Slow to no Os updates as they tend to Customize Android with there own Bloatware infested Kernel, don't expect to find a Rom to flash over it unless it's really. I have an HP Stream - and these are absolutely terrible tablets. Here is a Review I can tell you it suffers from Issues 1,2,3,4 without actually holding one. November 16, 2015 AM Full windows on a tiny lil thing like that for 70 bucks seemed to good to pass up. Or Does the low price point mean everything is gonna have low quality regardless of the brand being chinese or not/ m 0 l Can't find your answer? Off name Tablets all have the unwanted side effects some more than others, I have yet to see one that comes close to the quality of the old Nexus 7. You can't expect a stellar tablet for 100 but what I listed are pretty good for Steaming, Web Browsing and general use. Windows Versions with 1gb or RAM or slow. I was gonna get one of the cheap android ones you mentioned like the memo pad but then I saw the hp had full windows. I wouldn't touch those cheap knock off brand X tablets with a 10 foot pole either. 4-5 hours is typical even though the advertise 8hours. If your referring to this Chuwi Hi8 Android 4.4 Win10 Tablet PC http www. Kindle Fire HD 6 50 "Shopko"The chain is discontinuing the line. Kindle Fire HDX 16gb "Shopko" 89 The chain is discontinuing the line, they are a kick ass tablet for that price look up the specs. M 0 l Can't find your answer? My issue with Cheap Chinese tablets are these, also the Stream is pretty pokey with Windows that 1gb RAM is a real hinder. So buying Cheap Tablets is a Crap Shot on which issues you deal with because you will have at least 2 of these with any of them. M 0 l Short answer: None of the above. Windows Tablets with less than 1gb of ram all suffer the same issue, they really slow down with more than a few apps running. Toms guide in the world Germany France Italy Ireland UK Follow Toms guide Subscribe to our newsletter add to twitter add to facebook ajouter un flux RSS. ASUS ZENPAD Z170C-A1-BK 7 94 ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX-A1-RD 99. Nexus 7 2013 Ebay 90, refurb 114, New 150. In your opinion is the hp's "reliability" (since it's a better known brand) worth the lower specs compared to the chinese stuff? Around the edges of the screen, Low Brightness, Low Field of View hard to see in Light. Schizo OS issues like Self Bricking for no apparent reason, Not coming out of sleep, crashing and randomly deleting Files "Music, Movies, Books" 6. 108.89 VIDEO add To favorite ( 55 ) (2) Add to Cart Compare DECAKER Micro Laser Engraver 500mW Engraving Printer Machine 100.34 VIDEO add To favorite ( 96 ) Write. A doboz tartalma 1 power bank küls akkumultor 1 x micro USB kbel Kezelési tmutat Specifikcik Modell : EMIEPWB 5200 Elem típusa : 18650 Lithium chips Bemen feszültség: 5V 1A Kimeneti feszültség. A nem hétköznapi megjelenése biztosan le fog nygözni és bartaid sem fogjk sz nélkül hagyni. ALIGN T-REX150 T-REX250 T-REX450 T-REX470 T-REX500 T-REX550. Actual power monitoring Electric quantity statisticsoverload protectionTiming switch. British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso. Buy New Digital Video Camera with Cheap Price from China Online Shop - DX.