Ft232rl ftdi usb

Performance - The reduced operating current and improved on-chip VCC decoupling significantly improves the ease of PCB design requirements in order to meet FCC, CE and other EMI related specifications. The feature was previously seen in FTDI 's FT2232C device. True 5V / 3.3V / 2.8V / 1.8V CMOS drive output and TTL input. FT-X FT200XD FT201X FT220X FT221X FT230X FT231X. Baud rate divisors with values between 1 and 2 are not possible. Both packages are fully compliant with European Union directive 2002/95/EC. This allows the possibility of using FT232R based dongles for software licensing. Preprogrammed EEPROM - The FT232R is supplied with its internal EEPROM pre-programmed with a serial number which is unique to each individual device. These three resistors have now been integrated onto the device. Integrated 1024 bit internal EEPROM for I/O configuration and storing USB VID, PID, serial number and product description strings. Lower Supply Voltage - Previous generations of the chip required 5V supply on the VCC pin. This encrypted number can be stored in the user area of the FT232R internal EEPROM, and can be decrypted, then compared with the protected FTDIC hip-ID to verify that a. Bus powered designs would still take their supply from the 5V on the USB bus, but for self powered designs where only 3.5V is available and there is no 5V. In-built support for event characters and line break condition. The FT232R adds two new functions compared with its predecessors, effectively making it a "3-in-1" chip for some application areas. However, for many applications the RESET # pin can be left unconnected, or pulled up to VCCIO. FT313H Vinculum-II Vinculum FT232H FT2232H FT4232H FT4222H. USB to serial designs using the FT232R have been further simplified by fully integrating the external EEPROM, clock circuit and USB resistors onto the device. Temperature Range - The FT232R operates over an extended temperature range of -40 to 85 C thus allowing the device to be used in automotive and industrial applications. This allows greater margin for peripheral designs to meet the USB suspend current limit of 500A. Options are TXDEN - transmit enable for RS485 designs, PWREN # - Power control for high power, bus powered designs, TXLED # - for pulsing an LED upon transmission of. UHCI / OHCI / EHCI host controller compatible. Lower Operating and Suspend Current - The device operating supply current has been further reduced to 15mA, and the suspend current has been reduced to around 70A. This option will be described more fully in a separate application note. Integrated Clock Circuit - Previous generations of FTDI 's USB UART devices required an external crystal or ceramic resonator.