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On that fateful day, Johnny Reb had us in a spot, perched on the lonely top of Sutter's Hill, nothing but grey as far as the eye could see: Und. Upon arriving in the Underworld, the Ninja attempted to sneak past the skeletons by using stalactites, but they dropped right outside Garmadon's fortress after they mistakenly grabbed Spykor legs instead. Ninjago at Peace Flight of the Dragon Ninja Master Wu had told the Ninja to train, but they decided to have a race with their Dragons instead. He spent many happy years with Dr. ALGREN (V.O.) I can almost see them in the shadows, their bodies whole and beautiful once more. Despite Zane's concerns about the potential "disastrous consequences" Master Wu had spoken of, he led the Ninja in performing the technique, allowing them to defeat their foes. Zane later fought with other ninja against the. Soon after, the Ninja fought Nadakhan, who trapped Zane and the other Ninja in the Sword of Souls before Jay freed them. Algren wields his saber in one hand and his revolver in the other, serving death on all sides. Into the teeth of the enemy or we would all be buried. Those s still alive buck and froth at their tether. Rebel troops surrounding a band of blue Union cavalry. Later that night, the White Ninja was awoken by the Skulkins who captured him, Cole, and Jay, and reclaimed the three Golden Weapons. The Winchester Corporation is proud to bring to you. WINCHESTER REP (V.O.) the leader in all forms of armament used by the United States Army. However, the Fire Temple quickly split in half, revealing Kai and Nya on top of the Fire Dragon. Sweet Ooodyssey Hoversword Hustle Teen Titans Go! Zane said that they should be training to avoid angering Master Wu, but Kai convinces him to race by telling him that riding their Dragons was a form of training. ALGREN (V.O.) "Do not be afraid they whisper. He complimented it as "most extraordinary and learned that it had powers against evil - more importantly, it reminded Master Wu of the day Lord Garmadon was banished to the. Banners declaim the virtues of Winchester and Springfield.