K812 portable bluetooth

All current measurements can be downloaded in a single PDF book here. Speakers Ether C 2 Black Filters Mr. AKG K701 AKG K701 Sample B AKG Quincy Jones Q701. Audeze LCD-X Sample 3 Audeze LCD3F sn Audeze LCD3F sn Audeze LCD-4 Audeze LCD3F sn2717210 Audeze LCD-3 sn2613375 Audeze LCD-3 sn2312488. Full-Size Open Headphones AKG K240 tett AKG K240 DF. AKG K702 AKG K702 65th Anv Ed 2014. Speakers Ether C 1 Black Filter Mr. AKG K712 AKG K7XX AKG K812 sn001130 AKG K812 sn002100. SSL-0670 Stax SR-404 S 2742 Stax SR-207 SB 2217 Stax SR-207 EP507 Leather Pads SerNum SB22217 Stax SR-40 Electret SR4 Adapter Stax SR Sigma sn 07381 Stax Lambda SB sn. Updated to fix links and add sheets: November 22, 2016. Audeze LCD-3 sn2312341 Audeze LCD-3 sn2312454 Audeze LCD-3 sn2312260. Explanations about what the measurements mean can be found here. Audeze LCD2 sn54230udeze LCD-2 sn53211704 Audeze LCD-2 sn5325928. Audeze EL-8 Open Audeze LCD-X sn7454971 Audeze LCD-X sn7456406. Beyerdynamic DT 48 S 5 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT 100 2x2kOhm Beyerdynamic DT 150 250 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT250-250 Brooklyn Headphone Company BKHC BK9 Bluedio R2-WH Blue Lola Blue MoFi Passive Blue. Clicking on a link below will allow you to download one datasheet at a time. AKG K240 Monitor AKG K501 AKG K601 2007 AKG K612. Beyerdynamic DT 48 E w/pad holes covered Beyerdynamic DT 48 E without firm seal. Denon AH-D1001 Denon AH-D1100 Denon AH-D400 Denon AH-D600 Denon AH-D7100 Denon AH-D2000 Denon AH-D2000 new pair in 2012 Denon AH-D2000 w/JMoney Pads Denon AH-D5000 Denon AH-D5000 new pair in 2012. AudioQuest NightHawk 2015 Audio Technica ATH-AD2000x Audio Technica ATH-AD900 Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Audio Technica ATH-AD500 Audio Technica ATH-R70x Audio Zenith PMx2 Beyerdynamic T1 Beyerdynamic T1 SN3964 Beyerdynamic DT 880 33. A description of the equipment and how the measurements are taken can be found here. Audeze LCD-2 Audeze LCD-2 SN5312123 Audeze LCD-2 Rev 2 Audeze LCD-1. Manufacturers wishing to have their headphones measured and added to the list please contact Tyll Hertsens. Speakers Ether Flow MyST IzoPhones 60 NAD RP18 Bass Light Version oBravo HAMT -1 Oppo PM-1 Leather Pads Oppo PM-1 Velour Pads Oppo PM-1 Alt Pads Oppo PM-1 PM-2 Pads. Speakers Mad Dog Munitio Pro40 NAD VISO HP50 Nixon RPM Noontec Hammo S Noontec Hammo S Inner Pad Removed NuForce HP-800 NVX XPT100 Angled Pads NVX XPT100 Flat Pads Oppo. Pdf Aiaiai TMA-1 Akai MPC AKG K550 AKG K167 Tiesto AKG K267 Tiesto Studio Setting AKG K267 Tiesto Club Setting AKG K267 Tiesto Stage Setting AKG K271 MkII AKG K272HD. 19 Next REFINE FURTHER Dresses Women Dresses 2016 Maxi Dresses Club Dresses Mini Dresses Bodycon Dresses Chiffon Dresses Casual Dresses Summer Dresses Bohemian Dresses Two Piece Dresses Long Sleeve Dresses.