Mini displayport male

Asked on by Anonymous 1 answer CUSTOMER CARE A: This will Carry audio if your source will permit audio from its Displayport Connection. It turned out to be really simple. Q: Can someone recommend a Mini Displayport Female to HDMI cord/adapter? So we looked to see why the 5135 VGA adapter wouldn't work with this one. Asked on by Doug from United States 1 answer CUSTOMER CARE A: This is only 1.2. We tried to get from a mini - displayport source to a VGA monitor by combining this adapter with the 5135 displayport -to-VGA active converter, and we got nothing. CONS : Has to be modded to work for powered, active applications. Q: Will this allow me to connect my Apple Thunderbolt Display to a graphics card with a DisplayPort header? Displaying questions 1-3 DisplayPort Male to Mini DisplayPort Female Adapter. We cracked one of these open and had the Chem department's instrument lab carefully solder a wire from pin 20 to pin 20, and it works perfectly now. DisplayPort supplies power, and of course an active adapter like the 5135 needs to get power from somewhere. That is because both source and sink devices supply power according to the standard, and a cable should avoid bridging the two supplies. I'm about to send over the rest of the ones we ordered for the same modification. DisplayPort would still have power on pin 20. I had a chat with Monoprice technical support but was unable to get a technical explanation, just a vague sort of "well, we don't recommend combining adapters, it won't work. Answered on by Tom from C2G Displaying questions 1-3. Asked on by Harry 1 answer CUSTOMER CARE A: Thunderbolt can work with Displayport adapters, however this will not allow you to connect directly to a header connection. Q: Displayport 2.0 compatible or just 1.2? Of course if we had to follow that rule and support all the different devices people bring to campus, we would need to buy many more adapters (we would need. Answered on by Tom from C2G DisplayPort Male to Mini DisplayPort Female Adapter. PROS : Works out of the box for passive, DP applications. Between this adapter and a sink device, you would still use a normal cable, which would still isolate the two ends' power supplies and satisfy the standard. It is rigid and short, and its only purpose is to make a device with a mini - DisplayPort into a device with a DisplayPort. It would be great if Monoprice could revise the product so it is not lacking the power on pin 20. Can be modded to work for powered, active applications. This adapter does not conduct between pin 20 on the two ends. It is my understanding that Thunderbolt is backwards compatible with Mini DisplayPort. DisplayPort cable is not supposed to connect pin 20 end to end. We understand why the adapter might have been built that way, because a standard. A-Z Z-A price price Spovan Military Digital Climbing Mountaineering Watch Thermometer Altimeter 81.45 Spovan Military Digital Climbing Mountaineering Watch Thermometer Altimeter 81.45 Spovan SPV709 Military Digital Fishing Barometer Watch 54.82. Can be carved items included: Hard wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper and so on. Different Fitbits have different ways of showing the current battery level. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE SIGN IN Sign in with New Customer? Feeling lackluster inspiration at home is a drag. GU10 LED 4W home lighting solutions are high-performance, economical, and a splendid addition to light up your home. From Dejan Feb 27,2017 Pros: accessories you must have. From the shipping method I selected, it was supposed to be here last Friday on the 25th. HDR Ultra HD World-HDR is quickly making its way to TV, first to set-top boxes with YUNDOO Y6 TV Box. Headless Mode In this mode, the drone flies to any direction you want even though you do not know its orientation. Hydor's LED Aquarium Light are another long-lasting LED lighting option that come in multiple colors to pick just the right ambiance for your little fishies.