Mute for saxophone

Write a review Displaying reviews 1-7 (2 of 11 customers found this review helpful) 5.0 Thought I'd sound like Sanborn (11 of 15 customers found this review helpful) 5.0 Not. 0 (0 Reviews) 1  Open Box : UAH 1,284.51 Best Seller Quik-Lok Quik-Lok Electric Guitar "A" Frame Stand With. FEATURES : The world's smallest sound proof chamber / The sound from outside the case is to the extent of a whisper. Alert Me Home tier1 Top Rated Recommended Accessories Best Seller. The Saxgourmet Saxophone Mute is a must have accessory for any saxophonist. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 262.51 Price Drop Atlas Sound Atlas Sound PB21X Extendable Length Boom 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 1,926.91 Meinl Meinl Headliner Conga Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 1,751.71 String Swing String. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 682.41 Behringer Behringer WB215 Mounting Bracket for EUROLIVE. Our unique design prevents the lower harmon9ics from carrying over any substantial distance. If you are muting a saxophone to reduce the volume output for a practice session, you may want to consider a solution that encases as much of the body of. / Live performance quality through the high quality pick-up and headphone system. The Saxophone Mute allows for new timbre possibilities while playing a saxophone, or can assist in lowering the overall volume of the instrument. Commercial mutes in varying sizes, such as rings and cones, are available for aspiring saxophonists to try. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 776.72 Zaor Zaor Miza Stand Mk2 - Speaker Stand Pair 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 14,570.85 OVERVIEW Play without Reserve Anywhere and Any time You Want! Simply insert the all metal mute into the bell of your alto, tenor, or soprano saxophone and your volume is reduced by 50 without changing the playing characteristics of your. Return from Saxophone Mute to Saxophone Accessories. A larger mute may be quicker to insert and remove if playing a live gig or a song with quick mood changes, whereas a smaller mute may require too much. (10 of 11 customers found this review helpful) 3.0 Somewhat disappointed (24 of 26 customers found this review helpful) 5.0 Great product: works as advertised (70 of 77 customers found. In a similar way to brass instruments, a saxophone can use a mute to alter the timbre of its sound, but may also experience a reduction in volume because the. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 1,722.81 Gator Gator Wired Mic Mini Tripod Desktop Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 233.31 Best Seller Sterling Audio Sterling Audio HM2 Hard Mount (Mic Clip) for. Its perfect for apartment or condominium dwellers! When muting a saxophone to produce a new timbre aesthetic, consider the situation in which you would use the mute. All notes (except low Bb which requires an open bell) respond perfectly. (14 of 17 customers found this review helpful) 5.0 Hooray! 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 261.34 Grip Studios Grip Studios Ent-Wistle GuitarGrip Hanger 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 1,459.71 Proline Proline LST2BK Speaker Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 1,167.71 Odyssey Odyssey Lighting Tripod and Truss. All Aluminum construction so it doesnt change the balance of your horn! On-Stage Stands On-Stage Stands DS7100B Basic Fixed Height. Return from Saxophone Mute to Saxophone Players Guide. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 2,627.72 Musician's Gear Musician's Gear Goose Neck 0 (0 Reviews) 1  Open Box : UAH 116.51 Best Seller Tama Tama Stage Master Single-braced Snare Stand 0 (0 Reviews). Before purchasing a mute, it is best to try it to see what the effects are for your saxophone and style of playing to be sure that timbre changes are. FEATURES Play at full volume and remain at whisper level 3 different modes of digital echo add ambiance to enhance sound quality A line In allows you to play along. Practice bags and cases for saxophones are a new commodity that allow a players hands to hold a saxophone while it is otherwise completely covered in nylon or other stretchable. If you are experimenting with homemade options, such as a towel or other cloth, be sure to check that the material is not too abrasive, as it can scratch the. Pearl Pearl BC930 Convertible Boom Cymbal Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 2,160.81 Best Seller DW DW 3000 Series Snare Drum Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 2,335.72. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 478.01 Best Seller Hercules Stands Hercules Stands Double Bass Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 2,218.92 Turbosound Turbosound TPOLE cm Lightweight Steel. Saxophone mutes are a unique way to experiment with the sound of your instrument. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 379.31 Best Seller K M K M 1 X-Style Keyboard Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 1,167.71 Best Seller Stageline Stageline MS40 Music Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 3,615.85 Best. Unlike a brass instrument, the effects of a mute are usually nuanced throughout the midrange and upper range of the saxophone because pitches that use open tone holes are not. For this reason, some players also experiment with placing various household objects, such as towels, socks, stuffed animals, and other soft materials into and around the bell of a saxophone. 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 6,394.82 String Swing String Swing Custom Shop Guitar Keeper 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 1,167.71 Price Drop K M K M Microphone Desk Arm - PRO Clamping w/XLR Connector. SPECIFICATIONS Practice Mute System for Alto Saxophone II Reverb: Three different modes of digital echo to enhance sound quality Line In: Allows you to play along with CD or other. 0 (0 Reviews) 1  Open Box : UAH 555.09 String Swing String Swing Headphone Desktop Stand 0 (0 Reviews) UAH 320.91 10 In Rewards Yamaha Yamaha Silent Bass Stand 0 (0 Reviews). 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