Original wismec reuleaux rx2

See All Reviews "I am a shop owner in Maryland and I love this company.  We already put together an overview of the mod itself, a preview post when it was first released and anyone who knows the GuideToVaping crew knows we love the RX200. I use to use multiple companies and I've NEVER been treated so well by a wholesaler like he treats me, and I assume how he treats everyone. He not only has invaluable knowledge regarding vaping, the industry, and what I should order next, but impressive knowledge of the company and it's beginnings and how it's grown. See All Reviews "I order everything from vaporbeast, I love them, they are an amazing company!"Nima B. Anyway that is old and this in now. Thank you Tod for putting Jordan in charge of my region! "Shannon B See All Reviews "I just made my first order with vaporbeast and Shaina was very helpful. Thank you for your time and have a great week! Fast shipping and if you got any problems then they can always find a way to make you happy. My early birthday present is finally in my possession!  While youre there, check out memes section for a laugh or the list section to give your online friends a good read. Simply because he is the only salesperson that treats me as well as he does. See All Reviews "Jocelyn, Its because of people like you and your company that makes the world a lot better place and I want to thank you for being so. Page 1 of 5 Love them or hate them, the Reuleaux family of mods are some of the most recognizable on the market. See All Reviews "I'd like to thank vaporbeast and especially Samantha who helped me get through the age verification, I'm 73,and also help when UPS dropped my vape mail at. Called them up and spoke with Cam. See All Reviews "I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING Cameron has been to me! We may not be your biggest account but you make me feel like a VIP. After that conversation my order confirmation came through in a speedy fashion. She helped me with my age verification and gave me a great deal on Black Friday discounts! Jordan is most definitely the main reason I purchase from Vapor Beast. If you have the time, we highly recommend that you check out. See All Reviews "I would like to thank Jordan Wark for going above beyond for our order today. Your employee Roy is so knowledgeable about the products that benefit my business every day, but most importantly, Roy is a young gifted mind. The staff at VaporBeast in general is 5. See All Reviews "Jocelyn, Thank you for the card!  It seems that every time you turn around, you see someone holding the RX200, RX200S or even the RX75, but recently Wismec released a game changer with a 2/3 battery. Klorissa at customer service has gone beyond what I would ever expect from anyone in this vapor world. See All Reviews "Johnathan Barrett is my best vendor contact! He most definitely has our businesses synced very well! Roy has helped me grow and expand for the past 2 years as if he was standing next to me as a co-owner in my shop. I think we will have a long and prosperous partnership."Sean M.