Santa claus toilet seat

I offer my sincere apology and regrets, the statement said. Santa's black boots drop in from the chimney. MONTAGE : BUDDY GROWING UP AS AN ELF A giant baby is wedged into an extra-tiny crib. PAPA ELF It's a job only an Elf can do. ELF TWIN #1.snuck into your sack at the orphanage. SANTA 'S WORKSHOP A bevy of ELVES with slightly larger 60's Elf collars and sideburns celebrate another successful Christmas. SANTA, seated in his rocker, stands to applause. ELF #1 You changed the batteries in the fire alarm! The gate is down: BABY 'S POV He gleefully skitters across the floor towards a large, fuzzy teddy bear in SANTA 'S BIG RED BAG. Santa looks at his watch as five seconds click off. Without you, we'd sound like a bunch of. PAPA ELF, 540 years old or roughly 55 in human years, is surrounded by scores of strange and specific tools and some scattered half-built toys. The toilet seat was sent back to the hotel after the group arrived at Mount Fuji, the guide said. After their tour group had left, the hotel found out about the missing seat and contacted the travel agency to demand it be returned, a tour guide with the group. ELF TREE - DAY The exterior of a tree, we hear cooking going on inside. ELF STUDENTS TREAT EVERY DAY LIKE CHRISTMAS! Video Footage: of 7-year old Buddy riding a really small tricycle around in circles at a birthday party with a laughing Elf child on his back and another Elf under. The elves stare in awe at the strange visitor. (lying him down) Well, it's time for night-night. PAPA ELF (V.O.) And though it is against the Code of Elves to lie, all agreed that until Buddy asked us, no one was going to bring up the fact. A few insights The Ningbo Tourism Bureau confirmed the couple had travelled from the city in Zhejiang province to Japan this week. Well, the third job makes being an Elf worthwhile. Why do we constantly search out ways to violate the things that helped make our childhoods great? Hey, did you know there's a video called. CU: A MODERN -LOOKING CHRISTMAS BOOK ENTITLED : ELF. PAPA ELF (V.O.) Tough Buddy grew twice as fast, he wasn't any different from the other little elves. The real life Elf and Workshop of the drawing we have just seen. You conservative types out there protesting every time you catch a retail chain failing to wish every customer a Merry Christmas, you who are complaining that commercialization has taken away. The ELF TEACHER is pointing to the black board where "THE CODE OF ELVES " is written. And that's to build toys in Santa's workshop. An ELF looks on the back of his diaper and sees the brand name "Little Buddy Diapers". Claus (?) is about the closest we can get. There's even a row of X-boxes being assembled. We're talking images we can't show you here without censoring them so much you'd think you had accidentally turned off your monitor.