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Most men dont one one; ergo, by owning one, you are making a reasonably unique style statement. Below is a quick 3 minute video summary of the Henley shirt click here to watch. You can get henleys in everything from lightweight summer weaves to thick, quilted constructions (the latter are more faithful to the garments rowing crew origins). If youre willing to thrift around a bit or bargain-hunt, you can add a dozen of these to your wardrobe without denting the bank account too badly. . The Henley: Worth a Try If youve made it this far and you still dont own a henley shirt, what are you waiting for? Its also one of the more affordable style upgrades out there. For their price, most henleys are a cheap, easy wardrobe upgrade. Henleys are typically cotton or a cotton/synthetic blend, which makes them both affordable and low-maintenance. Advantages of the Henley Because the construction can vary so widely, you have to speak in fairly broad terms when you talk about henley shirts. Short-sleeved versions look much like a polo shirt without the turndown collar, while long-sleeved ones resemble a sweater with a narrow (and buttoning) V-neck. The name comes from the town of Henley-on-Thames, in England, where the local rowing team wore the style for their uniforms. A henley is a collarless shirt with a buttoning placket or fly in the front. Its meant to be a pretty form-fitting garment. Henleys layer well, so dont be shy about getting them in a variety of colors and wearing them under sports jackets or light coats. Still, theyre always going to stand out more than a T-shirt, and just the fact that youve chosen to wear something with a bit of style to it often goes. Unless you have a very peculiar wardrobe, you can count on getting your moneys worth out of a henley or two. This benefit fades, of course, as they become more popular, and lately henleys have been showing up on more and more mainstream store shelves. If youve got a bit of a guy, the henley might not be the best choice for you, especially lighter, thinner ones.  Yea hes putting out the vibe. All told, its a cheap, low-maintenance garment that adds a lot of variety to the wardrobe at very little cost or effort. Throwing a few into the mix adds color, visual interest, and uniqueness. Often times, theyre just buying a wider variety of clothes that are interchangeable, which gives them a more unique look. But broadly speaking, t he henleys big advantage is that its different. Most important of all, only buy henleys that have a good, close fit. Theyre not quite as formal as a polo, but fill a similar niche you wear them when you want a single, short-sleeved layer that still looks like you put some. Light, short-sleeved henleys stand in effectively for T-shirts. Top sales - Men's T-Shirts Vest- Bags, Men, Shoes, Women, History List Displaying 1 to 24 (of 542 products) Goto View: List Grid Gallery ALL Free Shipping Sorted By: Bestselling. Finding less-common substitutes for the basics of a casual wardrobe (jeans, T-shirts, etc.) can help keep you looking stylish. In a variety of colors and materials, that adds up to a big boost in your wardrobes overall versatility, all without spending big bucks. Today were looking at an awesome T-shirt alternative that way too many guys are missing out on: the Henley shirt. The only place there should be any looseness is up at the collar when its unbuttoned.